Ozanam Orientation

2020 Ozanam Orientation will be held on Saturday, November 14th, 9:00 am until 1:00 p.m. There will be breaks between various segments.

This program provides a consistent orientation for all members of councils and conferences throughout the United States. The purpose is to introduce new members to the message “who we are and what we are all about” and to re-acquaint existing members with our “spirituality and heritage.” The target audience for the program is existing members, new members, prospective members, and interested parties. All members should take this as early in their ministry as possible. It is most important for the leaders of conferences to have this training.

New Vincentians benefit tremendously from this program because it provides an overview of the history, spirituality, organization, and current endeavors of the Society, as well as in-depth home visit segment. However, even the most experienced Vincentians have gained new insights by attending the Ozanam Orientation. Of great importance is the sharing and learning that takes place when members of different conferences come together and have opportunities to interact with each other throughout the course of the program.

This training will be conducted virtually, via Zoom, to be safe and to make it easier on our members who live far from our Buffalo office to attend. Advance registration will be required so that we can order materials and mail them to registrants in time for them to use during the meeting. Please register no later than Friday, October 30th. This is necessary because you will need printed books to follow along with the formators—the people leading the training. We need a count of the participants so that we can order the right amount of materials in time. We will mail the materials to you in advance of the meeting. Please register below. Make sure you fill in the mailing address so we can mail your materials and an email address so we can send, the week before, to you the invite to the Zoom meeting. In the ‘Comment’ box, please write “Ozanam Orientation registration”. Only one person per form.

Thank you,
Larry Brooks
Diocesan Council President


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