Prayer to Saint Vincent

PRAYER TO ST. VINCENT DE PAUL to End the Coronavirus Pandemic O Saint Vincent de Paul, our father and model, throughout your life you wished to imitate Jesus, the missionary and servant. In your time, you confronted the plague, the illness of the people. Intercede now with the Holy Trinity on behalf of all the nations on earth visited by the modern scourge. Help the bodies and hearts of all victims. Strengthen caregivers, be close to all neighbors, and enlighten researchers. Walk with those approaching the portals of death. *** As you gave strong and ardent advice to struggle against evil, so now come to our aid! Teach us how to expose our lives for the weakest among us, and strengthen us to help them better in fearless perseverance. With the sole desire of aiding them in their needs, open our spirits to God’s infinite providence. Let us endow it with his total will for action. Inspire in us, also, obedience to our leaders, as we now place ourselves in your hands, confident and fortified with genuine feelings of dedication and zeal for our sisters and brothers. AMEN
Father Jean Pierre Renouard, CM, a Vincentian scholar and researcher, composed this prayer to the Holy Trinity, asking for the intercession of our patron to eliminate this epidemic that is now invading the world.
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