Discount Store Since 1930, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has been answering the need of the poor by providing clothing and household items.

The St. Vincent de Paul store began as a storage depot for donated items where needy families could come for help. (As donations increased, the Society voted to run the depot as a store in an effort to cover operating costs that were using the Society’s funds meant for other programs.)

Today, the Society operates a store and a warehouse facility in Buffalo, providing reconditioned clothing and household items at little or no cost for those in need of them.

As with any business, the store is in a constant struggle to keep operating costs in line with revenues, without raising the cost to users. That is why St. Vincent de Paul Store must also rely on the Society members and friends to stay in business.

Vincent’s Discount Store
1298 Main Street
882-3360 Ext. 6

Monday thru Saturday
9:30am – 4:30pm