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Dining Room

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In March of 1982 some members of the Society opened their doors to feed three needy guests. By the end of that year, the Society had served more than 12,000 meals.

St. Vincent De Paul Dining Hall

Forty+ years later, the Dining Room of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is serving over 74,000 meals a year. The Dining Room is by far the largest commitment to the needy. It is through organization, planning, and the dedication and support of its members and volunteers that the Society has been able to maintain this level of commitment.

The Society has never had to turn any person away.

As the need of the poor in Buffalo increases, the Society is faced with a growing cost to support the Dining Room. We look to the support of our members and benefactors to help meet this increasing need.

A photo of volunteers at the SVDP Dining Hall.
People smiling while eating in the SVDP Dining Hall.

Donation Hours:

Dining Room donation hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when the Dining Room is open.

Donations will be taken from 8am until about 1pm but drop off is preferred from 8am until 11am before the meal service begins and staff is more readily available.


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1298 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14209

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(716) 882-3360 Ext. 5

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Serving meals – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

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