Strategic Plan




Mission Statement

The Western New York Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization whose members seek to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person assistance to the poor, the suffering, and the forgotten in the compassionate tradition of the Society’s founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and its patron, St. Vincent de Paul.  The Society collaborates with other organizations and people of goodwill in fulfilling its mission, and makes no distinction among those who are served.


Vision Statement

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will significantly enhance its ability to assist the poor, the suffering, and the forgotten in Western New York by enlisting the services of an ever-widening network of volunteers, working collaboratively with numerous other organizations and governmental agencies, and promoting compassion and spirituality among its members and volunteers through the advancement of the Society’s Catholic Mission.



Goal I.  Advance the Society’s Catholic Mission and IdentityThe Society is committed to the spiritual growth of its members, volunteers, and those whom the Society serves, and will adopt strategies to clarify and reaffirm that priority.

Goal II.  Enhance the Society’s Programs and Explore Opportunities for CollaborationTo ensure that the Society is accomplishing its mission in the most effective and efficient manner, the Society will undertake a comprehensive review of its programs, will eliminate any programs which are not deemed essential, and will pursue opportunities for collaboration with other public and private entities and organizations whenever possible.

Goal III.  Increase Public Awareness of the Society’s Mission and Expand its Network of VolunteersThe Society will systematically promote public awareness of its mission, dramatically increase its membership, and attract younger members and volunteers while, at the same time, significantly improving the level of communication and cooperation among the Central Office, Districts, Conferences, members, and volunteers.

Goal IV.  Improve the Society’s Organizational Structure to Promote Efficiency and Effectiveness: To accomplish its mission, the Society must be a dynamic organization, prepared to address the changing needs and circumstances of its members and the people they serve, and to make best use of the Society’s resources.  Accordingly, the Society will reexamine its organization and structure and will implement any changes that are deemed necessary to meet such changing needs and circumstances.

Goal V.  Secure the Financial Future of the SocietyThe Society will identify and actively pursue additional sources of funding for its work, and will significantly improve the methods by which it receives and distributes donations of food, clothing, furniture and other items so as to enhance the level of service the Society provides.