Methods of Giving

Type of Gift Form of Gift Benefit to St. Vincent de Paul Society Benefit to You Outright Gift Cash, Stocks/Securities

Real Estate, Insurance Vehicles

Perpetual Income

Interest income potential

Income tax deduction

No capital gains tax on appreciated gifts

Bukuru Bequest Cash, Real Estate, Personal

Property, Percentage or Remainder of

Estate designated by the donor

Immediate benefit to Society

Bequest may be held in perpetuity and invested to fund Society needs

Possible estate tax deduction

Opportunity to make a perpetual gift

Charitable Gift Cash, Stocks/Securities Upon the death of the donor or last Guaranteed fixed income for life
Annuities Real Estate surviving annuitant, remaining assets generate interest income for Society Portion of income is tax-free

Income tax deduction

Reduction of estate taxes

Insurance Policies Name Society as policy owner and/or beneficiary Society receives full face value of policy upon death of the donor, or may receive current surrender value prior to donor’s death Opportunity to make substantial future gift to Society at current manageable cost

Income tax deduction for value of the policy when transferred

Premium payments may be deducted as gifts

Retirement Plan/IRA Name Society as beneficiary of death benefit Significant gift upon death of donor Opportunity to make major gift

Estate and income tax savings